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RwP™ tries to keep things simple. We can work from most anything you
send us. However, the better the art, the quicker we can complete your order. For
repeat customers, we maintain most artwork from previous orders for at least five

Vector artwork will make things work faster and better. Vector images are scalable
meaning we can make them any size without a loss of quality. RwP™ works with all
versions of Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator and Photoshop).

If vector artwork is not available, then higher resolution images or files are better than
low resolution. Riding with Pride™ suggests images of 300 dpi or higher. If your
images are saved as bitmaps (.tif, .jpg, .gif, & .bmp), RwP™ suggests 600 dpi or higher.

If using Photoshop or Illustrator, please convert all fonts to outlines. That way, your artwork will end up as you expect.

Please email your artwork to us: HERE. Emailed artwork files must
be less than 10mb. If your files are larger than 10 mb, please
contact us so we can set up a secure FTP file transfer.

When forwarding art via email, please include the following information:

  • Your name & association
  • Your phone number
  • Other pertinent information such as the job your artwork relates to (e.g., Custom Barrel Cover art).